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RFIDLibrary.com aims to provide relevant information to users about technologies concerning RFID. However, RFID technologies vary greatly and no one can be an expert in all of them. For this reason, we ask our knowledgeable users to please contribute by writing articles for our site. Through your contributions, we can further grow RFIDLibrary.com, to cover more topics and help more people.

Therefore, we encourage these users to submit their own articles about RFID Technology, so that we can all share in the exchange of knowledge. If you are an expert in a field concerning RFID technology and would like to write an article, simply click the write article button and begin to contribute to an ever expanding community of RFID professionals.

What do you get?

By writing for our site, you will receive large notoriety amongst other RFID professionals, your contributions to our site will further enhance your career and aid in advancing your portfolio. Plus, if your article is approved for publishing, you will receive your own author profile on our site, which may include any information you would like to send out to your readers. Not to mention a very valuable backlink to your own site, from ours, this will help increase traffic to your site, further validating your credentials.

What to write about?

RFID technologies are expanding every day. Each facet of RFID, is expanding rapidly and it’s hard to cover all of that in a single article. Not to worry, we will accept articles on any RFID technology topics or subtopics, and you can also contribute multiple articles to our site, just remember the name you write under, as we will use this to create your author profile. If you’re having a hard time figuring out what exactly you want to write about here is a list of interesting topics dealing with RFID that are currently booming, if you have expertise in any one of these fields we most certainly want to hear from you!

  • Security
  • Library
  • Aerospace
  • Health Care
  • Logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Medicine

What do you need to do?

Just head on over to the next page and fill out the information and write your article, we will edit it and review it for publishing, if we decide to publish your article, you will be notified by email of this. Good luck and happy writing!


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